theghostacademy (theghostacademy) wrote in mad_ninja_skill,

Hi I'm a Capricorn that likes long math problems and calculators even tho I like the challenge of figuring out stuff in my head.I'm 17 trying to aquire my 6th masters degree in math.My strong subjects are Math,Science,English,History,and Psychology.I have a degree in astrology too.I still live with my mother who cleans my room and washes my clothes...Thank You Mom.I'm pretty much a ladies man and I get wild sometimes too *wink*Wink* I have been told I look like Bam Margera.

Let me tell you what turns me on:
Sound of a computer booting up.Cats(the play).StarTrek.X-Files.Rush.Kansas.NightRanger. Freshly sharpened No.2 pencils.Recording Data.GridPaper.Flannel boxers.Jeopardy.Oprah.Dr.Phil. 8tracks.KillerGraphics.CleanShoes.Suspenders.Pleats. Bugs, they're interesting species.AmericanIdol.DAys of our Lives.DALLAS spectacular TV show there.THreesCompany.BionicWoman.MillionDollarMan. CharliesAngels.Calculus.Worms. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and other RPG's, Magic the Gathering, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, X-Files, Stratego, Macs, Wierd Al, Any and all comic books, especially the dirty ones Mother doesn't know about, Interpolating value rates of annuity dues in my head, Giving myself hickies with the vacuum sweeper so my friends think I have a girlfriend, Text books, Programing, Building robots with Spencer, Teaching calculus based physics, Mother's Volvo, girls that remind me of Mother.

My Turn Offs conclude:
BasicMath.ChildrensBooks.MuscleMen.Sports,unless it's the world series of poker or a good chess game.Getting cut because my blood doesn't clot easily. Bruises,I bruise like a peach.Cellular phones with Christmas ringtones in March PLEASE!!!Raisins,Peanuts, LifeSavers,Bread,Cheese,Salt,animals,dust,and sunflower seeds for I have allergic reactions to them and could die if consumed.THe sun.Water.PlayerHaters.Buffoons nagging me with inane computer queries, Unsuccessful, non technological jocks that beat me up back in high school, Any Windows OS, Neighborhood kids with their loud rock and roll and the rap music, Non Texas Instruments programmable calculators, C++ Programming, NASA's inept ability to maintain pace with technology,Pirates.
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