Pommy Jeff (cosmicboyjeffu) wrote in mad_ninja_skill,
Pommy Jeff

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Ninja Chopped.

You will be missed ninjas, re-apply if you like I'd be glad to have most of you back, but this time with some more activity.
Thanks to those who did the sign pic and posted their 3 member pics.

RIP: dancingdrew ill_lo9ic maskedmonk mingster nakedninja peacefultiger badger_trouble lynsee exzy foxcat42 hello_annie jellied kuh ninjaxgirl pipkin robotfactory softmistake


NEW THEME: Ninja Talents, take your best talent and flaunt it ninja-style. This could be juggling knives whilst upside down dressed like a ninja, bathing IN your ninja suit or ninja boobies if you are feeling generous.

Much love.
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